Navigating Your Healthcare Career Options: Check out what BeSomethingAmazing has to offer!

POSTED on 08/06/2019 by Morgan Bowne

Trying to figure out what career may interest you can be tricky. The South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) recognizes that challenge and has provided resources to ease some of the confusion and answer some of your questions about jobs in healthcare.

Look no further than This site makes it easy for you to consider careers in healthcare, serving as a comprehensive resource for exploring different jobs and how to prepare for them. BeSomethingAmazing includes a variety of resources- we’ve highlighted a few below.

            How to Get There Guide

  • Provides general guidance on getting involved with the healthcare career pathway of your choice at either the high school or college level. The guide is intended to be a quick reference of things you may want to consider at certain points in your educational career such as: researching career options (both traditional and lesser-known career paths in healthcare); job shadowing/volunteering; joining healthcare-related clubs; and researching educational requirements for certain careers. You can click here to access the How to Get There Guide!

Career Starter Tool: Healthcare Career Profiles

  • Interactive online tool that provides job descriptions, median annual salaries, job outlook, educational requirements, and South Carolina schools offering programs in that specific area of study. A few profiles even include videos of healthcare professionals currently working in South Carolina, where the individual can walk you through a day in their life as a healthcare professional.

Find Your Path Quiz

  • Not sure which careers interest you? Let us help! Use this quiz to answer a few questions, such as desired average salary, required education, comfort with blood, and desired level of patient interaction.

The BeSomethingAmazing website is regularly updated with other information you may find useful as you learn more about careers in healthcare. This could include:

Hospital Information: you can access a full list of hospitals in South Carolina through the SCHA website. Our website is linked under the ‘Contact’ tab on, or you can simply go to for a full list of our South Carolina hospital members.

By going to a hospital’s website, you can access up-to-date information on scholarships they may be offering to students (many offer scholarships through their Foundations- check out this scholarship recently awarded to a SC student by Tidelands Health), volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, and upcoming events they may be hosting.

For example, if you visit the Lexington Medical Center website, you’ll see information about their Partners Program- a career awareness program for high school students. Similarly, you can visit the Self Regional Healthcare website to learn more about their Student Volunteer Program.

  • Blog posts: our site features regular posts highlighting healthcare articles or topics that impact you. Topics in the past have touched on professional highlights, healthcare legislation, features on South Carolina healthcare events, and other relevant health topics.

We hope you find this post helpful and we’re always here to help guide you. If you have any questions or would like additional information, reach out to Morgan Bowne at