Top 25 Career Choices in Health Science


What occupation is the best for you? Choose from more than 100 jobs in healthcare.

What occupation is the best for you? Choose from more than 100 jobs in healthcare

There are more than 100 occupations that fall within the Health Science sector of the South Carolina job market. Opportunities within this cluster are incredible.

While the number of doctors is growing, the really booming jobs are those that play supporting roles in delivering healthcare such as physician assistants, dental hygienists, home health aides, and nurses, among others. These are very important health science careers, but they don’t require years of training. In fact, many Health Science jobs call for less than four years of education after high school.

Generally, people in Health Science must have a caring nature, because they are there to help; they need to know science, because they have to understand something about how the human body works to assist it back to health. Workers in this area must pay close attention to getting the details right because so much is riding on what they do.

Jobs in the Health Sciences offer the opportunity to work with more than just patients. Employees in this industry can work with everything from animals (veterinarians), to computers (medical records administrators), radioactive materials (nuclear medicine technologists), and even teeth (dental hygienists). The one thing these jobs have in common is that they are all part of organized systems which deliver care by maintaining and restoring health.

Depending on what you want to do, career options in this exciting field are abundant. Below is just a sampling of the different types of occupations you can pursue in the Health Sciences, listed from highest to lowest salary, including more information like education required, job growth rate, and a description for each.


If you want to learn more about any of these cool jobs or the more than 100 gigs in Health Science, check out the South Carolina Occupational Information System (SCOIS). This electronic database is packed with valuable information on careers, colleges, scholarships, and more. SCOIS is available in local schools and at more than 600 other locations throughout South Carolina.

You can also access the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website for up to date employment and wage estimates for Healthcare Practitioners and Technical occupations and Healthcare Support occupations in South Carolina.